Representative Paul R. Daza

1st District, Northern Samar


Representative (1st District, Northern Samar)

PAUL R. DAZA of Northern Samar (1st District) is a forward-thinking legislator, businessman, and social development advocate who believes strongly in the importance of health and social development, education, local development, environment, and employment in lifting the Filipino people out of poverty.

A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Economics/ Business (cum  laude) and Juris Doctor from the University of California in Los Angeles, Rep. Daza previously served the Province of Northern Samar as governor in 2010 to 2013, representative in 2007 to 2010, and board member in 2004 to 2007.

These years in public service are testaments to his dedication to nation-building—inspired by the teachings and works of his father, Raul A. Daza, who also served as governor and representative of the province, and his grandfather, Alejandro Ruiz, who is a former five-term representative of Cebu.

After his stint as governor of Northern Samar, he continued his crusade in universal health care, advising friends in local governments on how to improve services in local hospitals through viable partnerships with the private sector. His work in the private sector has become a venue where Paul continues to promote and work toward better health care for all particularly the neediest and marginalized sectors.

Paul believes strongly in partnerships. His deep grasp of PPPs come from his long years in the private sector, beginning with his stint as tax associate with the Price Waterhouse International and moving on as partner in Daza, Hwu and La Forteza in California. He was enjoying a lucrative career as a legal counsel in the US when in 1995, he decided to come home and join the Metro Rail Transit Corporation as its Senior Vice President for Corporate Legal Affairs and Spokesperson. This had been both a challenging and fulfilling time in his career, becoming an important milestone that contributed to his expertise in crafting viable PPP models.

Paul—whether serving the government or in the private sector— will always have the heart for the people. He is a well-respected civic leader and currently serves as director of Rotary Club of Makati West. With the Daza clan, he does his best in mentoring and supporting future leaders through scholarship grants, believing that education is the most important legacy that the older generations can leave behind.

In the 18th Congress, he has so far crafted proposed laws on child rights and social welfare (HB 76), health (HB 2540), senior citizens (HB 2541), and education (HB 6800).

On his personal time, he enjoys building memories with his family, playing basketball, and reading.

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